For moving made EZ portable storage is the answer and the size to get is 8x20. These units will hold a three bedroom home. You need to pack tight and strap your items down to prevent shifting while in transit.

We drop the unit off at your door, you pack and we move it to your new home. Once you have it unloaded just call and we will come and get it out of your driveway.


This video will show you our truck unloading the storage container.  This will give you in site on what you can expect when our driver arrives and show you that he will require a clean path.

The large 8x40 unit is used for storage when you are doing a remodel or building a new home and want the supplies out of the elements. These units come with a door each end or you can get a door at only one end. These are to heavy to use for moving but work great for storage at your work site.


Once you have the unit filled you may want it moved to a new home or even put in our storage facility..  This video shows you how our driver picks up the unit and hauls it away.

The portable office is an 8x20 unit.  It  has 110 outlets, air conditioner, heater, windows, and key locked door. You run a plugin from your electrical source to the unit itself to power it.. These are great when you need a temporary office or need temperature controlled storage for your treasures..